Hiring Smarter

Marsden Services hires smarter so we can provide quality service.

Hiring Smarter

How do we recruit, onboard, and manage over 10,000 employees? By hiring smarter.

Because the way we do business is unique, it allows us to be more successful in finding and retaining the best employees. Every Marsden company maintains its brick and mortar presence in the region they serve. This means we have a unique opportunity during the hiring process to meet the best local talent. We interview our candidates face to face. Each of our amazing employees is trained in our facilities. If they have a problem they know where to go.

We’re proud to provide good jobs to hardworking men and women. As an equal opportunity employer, we are excited to bring on smart, qualified individuals. The individual success of our employees means that all of us at Marsden win. So, we created a program that promotes from within. Most of our managers started as cleaners — back in 1979, our current CEO was a cleaner for Marsden.

We use the latest technology to find good people, we thoroughly screen each potential employee, find them the best spot, and then help them grow in their career. That’s hiring smarter.

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