Quality Assurance

Marsden Services - Quantifiable Quality Since 1952Quantifiable Quality

Years ago quality was very subjective and hard to measure. By the time a manager learned about a service issue it was often far too late.

But today things are very different. We deploy the latest cloud-based software and reporting systems throughout all of our businesses. This means issues are dealt with quickly and specifically. If a carpet is torn, an office is too hot, or someone is loitering in the lobby you can reach us in real-time – and we’ll respond. This innovative way of putting your business first keeps quality and consistency at the forefront of what we do.

Our partner is the award-winning group at TEAM Software.

“Profit from efficiency” is more than just a slick tagline, it’s what sets TEAM software solutions apart. Developed for companies like Marsden in the Building Service and Security industries — WinTeam is the backbone of their integrated, cloud-based software offering. As an industry-specific ERP system, WinTeam’s fully integrated financial, operations and workforce management components work together to streamline business processes and deliver a complete picture. Having one integrated system helps Marsden drive efficiency and ensure quality.

Team Software - Award winning partnerTEAM’s Quality Assurance solution uses Checkpoints, or custom question-and-answer lists, to inspect buildings and job sites, evaluate processes or even gauge employee or customer satisfaction.

TEAM is a Marsden Diamond Partner©