This year’s National Cleaning Week (March 26 – April 1, 2023) represented a unique opportunity to celebrate the value of cleaning, recognize fellow cleaning industry professionals, and raise public awareness of the industry’s commitment to maintaining healthy environments. In honor of National Cleaning week, our partners at EcoLab interviewed the Marsden associates who clean the EcoLab Global Headquarters (EGH). The Marsden cleaners at EGH keep the facilities clean and employees healthy every day. EGH, among other facilities, has an Ecolab Science Certified™ (ESC) seal. The Marsden team at EGH works to uphold the ESC standards and to help give EcoLab employees and customers confidence that operations are committed to the highest cleaning and disinfecting practices. Marsden is proud of the great work done by each one of these associates and grateful for our partnership with EcoLab, an organization that understands and values the skill and effort that it takes to keep a facility clean, safe, and healthy.

James Hughes

James Hughes — Groundskeeper

Originally from: East St. Louis, Illinois

Tenure at EGH: 15 Months

Family: Three daughters, one son, and a grandchild on the way.

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, and cooking.

Responsibilities: Snow removal, trash removal, cutting the grass, cleaning the smoke area, the parking ramp, the dock, and stairways. He is also always there to help out any associates who need an extra hand.

What does cleaning mean to you? “Helping decrease the spread of germs and making sure everybody stays healthy.”

Eva Mortensen

Eva Mortensen — Day Matron

Originally from: San Jose, California

Tenure at EGH: Almost one year. In the past she worked at Ecolab’s Schuman Campus while she was in school getting her associate degree in arts.

Family: One sister and parents.

Hobbies: Playing video games with her cousins, driving her manual transmission car, and learning origami.

Responsibilities: Stocking and replenishing women’s restrooms, break areas, and the daycare.

If you could leave everyone with one piece of advice about cleaning, what would it be? “I love the apron and I put everything in it. Aprons are really nice for cleaning, and I’d recommend them for efficiency.”

Geovany Toledo

Geovany Toledo — Day Porter/Room Setups

Originally from: El Salvador

Tenure at EGH: Eight and a half years

Family: Wife, son, and two daughters.

Hobbies: Watching action or drama movies and taking vacations to his former home of Boston.

Responsibilities: Cleaning, maintaining, and setting up the conference and learning rooms. He also checks restrooms throughout the building and makes sure everything is in order.

If you could leave everyone with one piece of advice about cleaning, what would it be? “Wash your hands.”

Maria Deluney

Maria Deluney — Day Matron/Room Setups

Originally from: Mexico

Tenure at EGH: 11 years

Family: Husband and daughter.

Hobbies: Spending time outside, gardening, walking and traveling.

Responsibilities: Cleaning, maintaining and setting up the conference or learning rooms. She also cleans the 16th and 17th floors.

How would you describe your career in three words? “Busy, Intense, Successful.”

David Chandler

David Chandler — Day Lead

Originally from: North Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tenure at EGH: 6 years

Family: Daughter Vanessa, son Isaiah, and wife Jennifer.

Hobbies: Enjoying long bike rides with his wife around the Twin Cities in the warmer months and staying busy with projects around the house.

Responsibilities: Snow removal, overseeing cleaning staff, cleaning stairwells and doorways as well as helping when there is a need. He likes to compare his role to “being the quarterback of the team.”

How would you describe your career in three words? “Challenging, Rewarding, Happy.”

To learn more about how EcoLab is recognizing custodians and cleaners during National Cleaning Week, check out Ecolab Partnering to Celebrate Custodians.