Case Study: Breaking the Chain of Infection

Disinfecting services to respond to contact contamination

Quick Facts

Marsden Services

Client: Large chain retailer

Marsden Services

Client Industry: Retail

Marsden Services

Location: Oak Park, IL, and other sites

Marsden Services

Services: Microbial preventative and remediation services

Marsden Services

Service Area: Multiple locations across the country

The Problem

A retail store operating thousands of retail locations across the country. In April 2020, they were concerned about a potential infectious disease contamination at several of their sites. An infectious disease contamination posed a threat to both their employee base and their retail customers, which meant that these facilities were unable to operate until the situation was remediated. Every day a site was nonoperational represented a significant financial loss to the client and they needed a service provider who could respond immediately to the situation and provide the appropriate services.

The Solution

The client’s property management group, CBRE, reached out to Marsden on behalf of their client. Marsden has a long-established relationship with CBRE; we are a trusted partner for many CBRE sites across the country. CBRE knew that Marsden had experience, equipment, and trained teams available to respond to the client’s emergency service need. Once CBRE reached out, we were able to develop an execution plan and mobilize our specialty crews within a week. Marsden has an established microbial preventative and remediation program, which follows CDC recommendations for disinfection and additional established best practices. At the retail sites, we used our standard disinfection process for a Level 2 service: an initial clean, a full disinfecting with EPA-registered disinfectants, and finally electrostatic fogging to disinfect hard-to-reach areas. We coordinated with the client’s employees who were still in the facility while we performed our disinfection services and we were able to perform the full service in a single day.

The Outcomes

Marsden continues to be a trusted partner for CBRE and now the retail client. “The overall job they did was exceptionally thorough,” said one site’s Director of Field Operations. “I would gladly have that crew back to help us if we ever need it again. I watched them handle our equipment and rooms very professionally. They were also extremely humble and professional to every one of our associates and leaders. Excellent crew.”


Our disinfecting services enabled THD to safely open to the public and their internal employees. Our services provided the client with the following key results:

Marsden Services

We were able to respond quickly to THD’s service need and complete services within a single day, which limited business interruption and therefore reduced fiscal loss due to nonoperational sties.

Marsden Services

THD employees felt safe returning to the facility with retail operations reopened, knowing that a full disinfecting service had been performed on their behalf for their health

Marsden Services

Because of our nationwide geographic presence and our demonstrated ability to respond effectively to THD’s need at the Oak Park location, we were asked to perform a similar scope of work at three other THD sites. Within 15 days, we were able to schedule and execute disinfecting services for THD sites in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Oklahoma.