Case Study: Seamless Transition to Daytime Cleaning Provides Increased Savings

Realizing Cost Savings Through Daytime Cleaning

Quick Facts

Marsden Services

Client: Photography Company

Marsden Services

Client Industry:
Photography and Creative Solutions

Marsden Services

Location: Minnesota

Marsden Services

Services: Office Cleaning

The Problem

A large, national employee-owned photography company was looking for a way to cut back on costs at its offices in Minnesota, without sacrificing how employees felt about their workplace environment. At the time, the company partnered with Marsden Services using a night time cleaning schedule. Managers wanted to implement Marsden’s daytime cleaning strategy to reduce energy cost.

The Solution

Working with Marsden, the company successfully switched from overnight to daytime cleaning schedules. With over 60 years of experience in facilities maintenance, Marsden was able to provide a flexible cleaning solution using leading-edge technology, practices, and training.

The Outcomes

The company happily saw immediate cost savings in utilities totaling more than 8% over the previous year. Marsden’s recycling program also helped capture much more recycled material to reduce solid waste collection. There was also an unexpected benefit—a strengthened relationship between the company’s employees and Marsden associates. The Corporate Director for Facilities Management said, “We’re hearing kudos from our staff regarding the cleaning crew. We’re fortunate that we retained the majority of the Marsden night crew with the change in schedules. A big reason the program switch succeeded was we communicated the program well in advance of the change to our employees. It almost was a non-event.” An on-site Marsden manager also said, “We’re getting compliments. The employees love their cleaners.”


Scope: Cleaning services for over 282,632 square feet of office, industrial and common areas including floors, trash removal, recycling, detailing and other cleaning. Results at a glance:

Marsden Services

Energy savings of more than 8% over the previous year

Marsden Services

Improved recycling to reduce solid waste disposal costs

Marsden Services

A seamless transition to daytime cleaning with minimal impact on operations