COVID-19 Client Resources

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  • All of the Marsden companies have always been committed to caring for your workplace, and now more than ever, we want you to know that the health and safety of your facility is critically important to us. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to helping our clients and our community by providing essential facility services including cleaning, security, restoration, and mechanical services. Whether you have questions about how to care for your facility during this time, require disinfecting services, or are looking for resources to keep yourself and your employees safe, we are here to support you.

Featured Services

As you respond to constantly changing circumstances, Marsden stands ready to assist you. Federal, State, and local governments generally recognize all of Marsden’s services as essential services, even during stay-at-home directives. This means that our teams are ready and able to respond to your facility needs. Even if your facility is closed or partially closed, Marsden offers a variety of services that could be beneficial to your building.


Disinfection and Remediation

We have specially trained teams of remediation and disinfection technicians who can perform sanitation services at your facility to help protect your employees. These services can be done as a preventive measure or when there has been a confirmed exposure in your facility.



Building Security

Empty buildings can become targets for graffiti artists and other bad actors. For buildings with reduced operations, the decreased staff may create an environment where employees feel vulnerable. We can provide a variety of scalable security solutions for you that are customized to your needs.



HVAC Maintenance

We can perform preventive maintenance and repairs for your HVAC equipment. We can also install high efficiency filters and help with increasing air exchange rates, both of which are recommended by the CDC and OSHA as measures to protect your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic and in general. Before buildings re-open, we can assist with mitigating health issues, such as Legionella, which can result from stagnant water in cooling towers and plumbing systems.



Calibration and Validation

We offer calibration and validation services for a variety of equipment and instruments. During periods of reduced operations, it is easier and more effective to work on equipment that might otherwise be needed during normal operations. Our program is accredited to the ISO 17025 standard and our services meet the high-level quality of ISO, FDA, cGMP, and USDA requirements.



Restoration Services

Marsden’s restoration division offers commercial disaster recovery division provides restoration and reconstruction services that are fast, efficient, and safety focused.



LED Conversion

In recent months, we have re-lamped entire buildings and converted them to cost-saving LED lighting. If your building is closed or partially closed, this is an opportunity for us to perform this service for you without any business interruption.



Special Services

An empty building or partially empty building affords us time to do project work for you, including carpet cleaning, floor work, wall cleaning, graffiti removal, upholstery cleaning, interior and exterior glass, windows, high-dusting and other lift work and more.


Experienced Essential Services

Marsden has been in business for almost 70 years, and during our long tenure in the industry we have encountered many emergency situations. Not only does Marsden understand the day-to-day demands of keeping your workplace clean, safe, and healthy, we also know how to respond to crisis and hazardous challenges. We’ve helped our clients through illness outbreaks including H1N1 (Swine Flu), Bird Flu, and SARS, as well as with recovering from natural disasters. These experiences have taught us invaluable lessons and enable us to help you navigate the developing COVID-19 pandemic. Our expertise and services can help you control the impact of this pandemic in your facilities.

In response to COVID-19, we have taken additional measures to ensure the discipline and care that underline our cleaning, security, and mechanical maintenance procedures. Our teams are receiving on-going briefings, trainings, and expertly developed and enhanced operating protocols. These programs have been developed by Marsden’s healthcare division, which includes certified Health Care Specialists and experts on staff, and our restoration division, whose team members are experts in hazardous clean-ups. We have also engaged additional consultation with local and national health authorities such as Industrial Hygienists, HHS, the CDC, and the WHO. Through our continued communications with these organizations, Marsden can offer continued assurance and specialized services to help you maintain the safest and healthiest environments possible under these conditions.

Throughout these difficult times, Marsden pledges our commitment to care for your workplace. Whether your service needs are emergency, project, or in the normal course of business, we will continue to work toward the standard of excellence that helps you and your business thrive. Marsden has activated our local and national response teams to be ready to provide additional cleaning and disinfection services. Should you alert us to a case of COVID-19 or find need for deeper levels of cleaning and disinfection at any of your properties, we are prepared to respond quickly to meet your needs.


Throughout this crisis and all the uncertainty surrounding it, we want to give you as much clarity and peace of mind as possible. Marsden has compiled the following resources to help you during this pandemic. These include safety tips, informational videos, resource documents, and other information that can help you stay safe in the workplace and at home.



Let us know how we can help. If you require services, have questions, or anything in between, please contact your Marsden company representative or contact our Command Center. Our Command Center is open 24/7 to take your calls or emails and ensure that your request receives immediate attention. Call (888) 566-1717,  email us at, or fill out our online contact form.