Window Cleaning Services

Final Touch offers window cleaning services tailored to fit each client’s facility environment and service scheduling needs.

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Improving Facilities

Clean windows are an important part of a facility’s appearance and atmosphere. Regularly cleaning windows extends their longevity, improves the aesthetics of a facility, and prevents the build up of dirt, pollutants, and hard water stains. Final Touch offers window cleaning services that are tailored to fit each client’s facility environment and service scheduling needs.

Experienced Professionals

Final Touch has over 60 years of experience in commercial window cleaning. Our window cleaning crew is comprised of extensively trained and skilled professionals.

Our professionals are experts in delivering safe services; our window cleaning program is OSHA certified and our teams receive annual safety training as well as the best available safety equipment.

Key Benefits

Final Touch provides window cleaning services performed by industry experts. In addition to our unique training and safety programs, Final Touch’s services also provide the following benefits:

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Staffing Stability

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Customizable Schedules

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Quality Control

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Integrated Services

Extensive Programs

Window washing is a skilled labor position that requires years of dedicated training. Final Touch has developed a proprietary training program for our window cleaners, which begins with an apprenticeship position. An apprentice is paired with a journeyman for at least the first two years, which amounts to approximately 1,500 hours of training.

During the first phase of training, the apprentice learns cleaning on the ground, with poles, and using short ladders. The second phase of training includes high ladder and lift cleaning. The third phase of training includes rope access, modular stage, and dedicated stage cleaning.

Most training is done on-the-job, ensuring comprehension and providing important hands-on experience.

Safety Program

Window cleaning is inherently a high-risk service; our clients rely on us to mitigate these risks through our comprehensive safety programs. Continuous training is imperative to maintaining a culture of safety. All window cleaners receive orientation safety training based on Final Touch’s company-wide safety program, Safety360. Cleaners are also required to complete annual safety training and testing. Every year, our cleaners are required to pass a test on assisted rescue and self-rescue in order to be cleared to perform suspended work.

Final Touch also holds an annual orientation day in which we review all of the safety procedures and analyze the previous year’s safety performance.

In addition to annual trainings, safety trainings are held every morning before the shift begins that cover at least one safety topic.


  • High rise window cleaning
  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Highlight window cleaning


  • Caulking
  • Glass restoration
  • Chandelier cleaning

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