Microbial Preventative and Remediation Program

Marsden has an established plan for helping our clients provide the healthiest facilities possible for their employees, tenants, and guests. Marsden’s Microbial Preventative and Remediation program is a standardized disinfecting program that helps to break the chain of infection in a facility. Our comprehensive program has been established through collaboration with the CDC, the WHO, and our disinfecting chemical suppliers to determine the appropriate response. As new diseases are identified and mutate, such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we work carefully with the CDC, WHO, and our suppliers to adjust our program accordingly as necessary.

As a facility service provider, Marsden offers our Microbial Preventative and Remediation program to help break the chain of infection and reduce the likelihood of an infection in the facilities we serviceInfections do and will occur in the workplace. No disinfecting program can ensure that no infections will occur. However, research demonstrates that a thorough program for disinfecting microorganisms from surfaces can help to break a chain of infection and mitigate the risk of infection.

Through our Microbial Preventative and Remediation program, our goal is to help our clients mitigate the impact of an epidemic in their facilities through the following measures:

  • Control/eliminate the spread of these microorganisms within the workplace
  • Reduced absenteeism and subsequent sick days from associates
  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Potentially reduce client fiscal loss due to reduced productivity of work associates

Our program includes CDC recommended competencies and additional Marsden processes. In order to best accommodate our clients’ needs, we have different levels of service depending on the severity and prevalence of a disease.

Level 1: Touchpoint

Marsden uses EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectants to disinfects all touchpoint surfaces as directed by the client. Common touchpoints we would disinfect include door handles, light switches, handrails, time clocks, keyboards/mouses, vending machines, faucets, phones and headsets, copier screens, and chair armrests.

Level 2: Deep Clean with ATP Testing

Level 2 uses the same disinfectants and touchpoint sanitation as Level 1, but Level 2 includes a process for precleaning, disinfecting, and when necessary, electrostatic fogging. The entire area – or building – is vacated and everything below ceiling level is disinfected according to the following process: precleaning of all surfaces of building components and building personal property; disinfecting of all surfaces within the building/area and all personal property; deploying electrostatic fog disinfectant treatment of interior surfaces if necessary; utilizing ATP testing to confirm disinfection; and sending the ATP results to a hygienist, who prepares a clearance report.

Level 3: Highly Public Facilities

Marsden’s Level 3 response is designed for facilities in which occupants cannot be removed, such as high traffic public facilities or hospitals. In Level 3, Marsden uses the same disinfectants and processes as Level 2 with the addition of setting up a containment area with negative pressure and providing an onsite hygienist to perform ATP testing and oversight.