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Marsden has decades of experience serving stadiums and event venues across the country, including participating in several Super Bowl events. Event venues and stadiums require specialized programming due the the high volume of traffic, tight scheduling, flexibility, and responsiveness that are required to maintain the environment. Marsden developed a program specific to stadiums that is focused on helping our clients ensure a positive visitor experience. Our customized solutions are scalable, stable, and client-driven.

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From 2015 to 2016, Marsden was able to take the stadium’s record from 60% compliance to 90% compliance.

A West Coast stadium realized that the high volume of fans was resulting in a commensurately high volume of trash. They learned that more than 20 tons of trash could be produced over the course of a weekend during football season. They became a member of the Green Sports Alliance and the newly formalized Pac-12 Zero Waste Challenge in 2012. To meet their sustainability goals and to be competitive in the Pac-12 Zero Waste Challenge, the stadium partnered with Marsden Services to provide environmentally conscious cleaning and waste sorting services.