CleanAir Powered by PuriFi

Marsden CleanAir Powered by PuriFi

Create a cleaner, safer, healthier environment

The Marsden CleanAir System, a revolutionary technology powered by PuriFi Labs, is designed to safely deactivate dangerous pathogens and particulates in facilities. Demonstrated by third-party independent lab testing, Marsden CleanAir deactivates 99.994% of tested allergens, bacteria and viruses, including CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

The Marsden CleanAir System works responsively with existing facilities HVAC systems to manage indoor air quality. When particulate levels reach an unacceptable level, a sensor activates the Marsden CleanAir generator installed in the air duct system of a facility’s HVAC system. The generator uses the same process of ionization found in nature by introducing an overabundance of negative ions into the system airflow and diminishing odors, particulates and harmful pollutants. These high energy oxygen ions help cluster particulates together allowing existing air filters to capture microscopic particles that would normally pass through the system and circulate back into the workplace. The Marsden CleanAir System is the only air purification system that combines 24/7 monitoring and tracking with automation and the ease of central air purification.

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