Case Study: Improving Service Levels and Service Value

Service programs that are customized to the environment

Quick Facts

Marsden Services

Client: Healthcare staffing company

Marsden Services

Client Industry: Staffing partner

Marsden Services

Location: Florida

Marsden Services

Client Since: 2018

Marsden Services

Services: Day porters and overnight cleaning

The Problem

The condition of a workplace has a direct impact on employee productivity and morale, and an unclean environment can negatively affect both. A healthcare staffing company in Florida was struggling to find a cleaning partner who was capable of meeting their needs and the requirements of their operations. In addition to consistently poor service, the staffing company dealt with improper management, high turnover, a lack of training, poor communication, and slow response times from the service provider. These problems persisted for several years and had a direct impact on the staffing company’s operations. This led to decreased employee morale and increased security and safety concerns while making it difficult for the facility manager to concentrate on business goals and objectives.

The Solution

Marsden South was hired as the new service provider for the account in 2018. The staffing company selected Marsden because of our national reputation for professionalism. As a 24-hour campus environment and corporate office, we knew that we would have to customize our program to incorporate into their business operations as seamlessly as possible. We developed a tailored approach by touring the campus, listening to the client, asking questions, and developing a comprehensive understanding of the client’s main areas of concern. Both our sales department and operations department collaborated to execute a plan that allocated the right staff, provided the appropriate equipment and materials, and customized our service schedule to fit the client’s needs. We also worked to provide a better value for the client’s spend through the provision of consumables, which we sourced through one of our national vendor relationships. In order to monitor our performance, we set the following measurable goals:

  • To increase the client’s satisfaction level
  • To increase the client’s employee morale
  • To perform early audits and achieve positive audit scores
  • To relieve the facility manager of stress and time constraints
  • To enhance the overall health and safety of the building

The Outcomes

Within one month of starting service, Marsden was able to create an improved facility environment that boosted the client’s employee morale and productivity. Marsden’s quality service provided sustainable results and eliminated the client’s pain points.


The main benefit realized by the client was the time saved by the facility manager, who no longer had to spend valuable time on janitorial issues. Another key benefit was improved employee morale for the staffing company and a reduction in absenteeism rates. Other measurable results included:

Marsden Services

Marsden saved the client 10% on their overall janitorial program

Marsden Services

Marsden’s employee retention rate is 80% higher than that of the previous company

Marsden Services

Reduced cost of consumables due to national pricing with our supplies vendors

Marsden Services

Prompt response times: all work orders and complaints were addressed by the following service date