April 23, 2020 – Today, Marsden Services announces that the company has joined six other leading building service contractor organizations (BSCs) to establish the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA). The CCA is formed to represent and advocate for the needs of commercial cleaning companies and their employees.

Commercial janitorial workers are often overlooked as members of the essential services workforce, yet they play a vital role in enabling business and critical infrastructure operations. In the wake of an infectious disease pandemic, the BSC industry will become even more critically important. As our country begins to reopen businesses, BSCs will be cleaning and disinfecting our workspaces, healthcare facilities, banks, manufacturing plants, schools, airports, shopping centers, stadiums, and government buildings. BSCs’ cleaners will be crucial in preparing public spaces for widespread use and defining the “new normal”. As such, commercial janitorial workers will not only remain on the frontlines but will be key in reestablishing the public’s trust in the systems that underpin modern life. Our CCA members’ work is essential to ensuring the physical, mental, and emotional safety of all of America’s workers, travelers, and consumers.

“I cannot overstate how hard our employees work to keep our communities safe,” said Guy Mingo, CEO of Marsden Services, one of the CCA member organizations. “I’m humbled by their dedication and courage. They have been first responders in their own right; while others have been staying safe at home, our teams have been bravely going into facilities and actively working to break the chain of infection and stop the spread of infectious disease. Their effort should be rewarded, and their livelihoods deserve to be protected.” 

America’s BSCs operate in each of the 50 states and employ more than 3.2 million people. Many of our customers—facing extraordinary levels of uncertainty during an infectious disease pandemic—are locking down and suspending our services. The resulting economic impact has put BSCs on the brink of disaster. Accordingly, the CCA is asking the United States Congress and Administration to support targeted measures that will help ensure the continuity of BSCs’ business operations and ongoing employment for this essential workforce.

“Cleaners need America’s help so that they can help get America back to business when the time is right,” said Josh Feinberg, President of the Cleaning Coalition of America. “The Coalition gives voice to an important group of essential workers.” For more information about the Cleaning Coalition of America, please visit CleaningCoalition.org.

Marsden Services is a comprehensive facility services provider, offering janitorial, calibration, HVAC, restoration, and security services. Marsden operates throughout the country, servicing over 400 million square feet every day. Marsden’s website (marsden.com) contains more information.