Tier One Aztec Receives Safety Awards from ExxonMobil

Marsden Services is proud to announce that Tier One Aztec Facility Services has been awarded two prestigious safety awards by ExxonMobil. Marsden is one of Tier One Aztec’s equity stakeholders.

In February 2019, Tier One Aztec was awarded a Merit Safety Award by ExxonMobil for their work at the Joliet location. This is the second year that ExxonMobil has awarded Tier One Aztec a Merit Safety Award for safety excellence at the Joliet refinery. The qualifications for this award included meeting hazard elimination goals, consistently attending monthly safety meetings, and demonstrating a strong safety program.

In March 2019, Tier One Aztec was awarded the Safety Achievement Award by ExxonMobil. This is the fifth consecutive year that ExxonMobil has awarded Tier One Aztec a Safety Achievement Award. The base qualifications for ExxonMobil’s contractor safety awards include at least 20k man hours on site, an injury-free year, a buddy manager endorsement, and zero high potential process safety events. As a Silver Award winner, Aztec also had to meet certain targets in meetings, monthly stewardship, meaningful learnings, document submission, and quality