Agility, speed, and rapid response have become essential to maintaining clean, safe, and healthy workplace environments. The pandemic continues to present challenges for commercial cleaning companies across the globe. The BSCAI chose to shine a light on the heroic frontline efforts of janitorial and commercial cleaning associates at its 2021 Contracting Success Conference in Las Vegas. They recognized those who often go unrecognized by presenting a President’s Award to The Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA), a leading industry association representing janitorial and commercial cleaning associates.

The award celebrates and acknowledges the CCA’s contributions to the professional cleaning industry amid an infectious disease pandemic and its leadership in promoting healthy and safe workplaces. The award also recognizes the effort of Marsden Services and other founding member companies in the CCA. Every day, the associates of Marsden and the other founding companies of the CCA actively promote and implement advanced protocols to help reduce the spread and potential of infectious disease outbreaks.

In an unprecedented collaboration, the CCA member companies quickly came together in response to the pandemic. The member companies bring leadership and collective industry expertise on environmental hygiene, infectious disease management, and a broad range of cleaning and facility services processes. The CCA’s leadership and its members are continually developing response plans to support property managers and businesses of all sizes so they can stay open and operating while also ensuring the health and safety of their employees and customers. These efforts have been essential in supporting the nation’s economic recovery.

One example of the CCA’s leadership and collaboration is the October 2021 report, Clean Slate: A Reopening Guide for New York Businesses. The report outlines recommendations for how businesses can maintain safe and healthy workplaces to help mitigate the spread of viruses and other common pathogens that sicken millions of people and cost companies $225 billion in productivity losses every year. The report identifies vital questions property managers and business owners need to consider and outlines best practices in cleaning, disinfection, and communication with employees. It also addresses critical considerations for assessing and maintaining air quality and testing protocols to ensure surfaces meet essential cleaning standards and promote healthy workspaces.  

Building service contractors and their employees have provided essential services during the pandemic, and the BSCAI’s 2021 President’s Award recognizes the important work the CCA has done to champion and support these efforts. As we enter the heart of the flu and cold season, the CDC and other public health organizations warn that Omicron and different variants of the Coronavirus will continue to emerge. 2022 will undoubtedly be a year where the CCA, its member companies, and their associates on the frontline will play a critical role in driving our economy by creating cleaner, safer, and healthier environments for us all.