Cost Saving Is Not the Only Reason to Reconsider Lighting in Your Facility Services ProgramIn business today, everyone is looking for ways to drive down facility services and operating costs while increasing efficiency, enhancing sustainability, improving margins, and advancing innovation. One area that is overlooked frequently is the lighting in your facility. Something as simple as the bulbs you use to light the interior and exterior of your facility can have a dramatic impact. LED lighting’s benefits range from increased performance, energy efficiency, and long-term savings. But did you know LED lights also increase productivity and create a healthier, safer environment that promotes greater overall wellness?

Why LED Lighting Should Be Part of Your Facility Services Approach

Increased Productivity From Effective Facility Services: Proper lighting is essential for your people to perform, regardless of the industry. By leveraging the benefits of LED lighting, studies have shown that facility services programs that switch from traditional fluorescent lighting to LED lighting positively impact productivity. Some companies are seeing over 10% increases in productivity through improvements in visual and cognitive tasks, faster reaction times, and reduced fatigue. LED lighting aligns with our bodies’ natural and biological circadian rhythms, which regulate sleep. Doing so enhances performance by supporting mental acuity, vitality, and alertness while reducing fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

Lower Overall Facility Services Operating Costs: According to the US Department of energy, LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. You’ll pay more upfront for the LED bulbs, but your overall facility services operating costs will go down. Lower energy consumption will drive the savings, but you’ll also see lower facility maintenance costs since the bulbs last longer. Your facility maintenance staff will spend less time changing bulbs so they can focus on more pressing priorities.

Safer Facilities to Work, Learn, and Thrive:  Safety is a critical element of your facility services program. LED lights can help you to achieve your safety goals. LED lights emit almost no heat, unlike incandescent bulbs, which convert more than 90% of their energy into heat. LED lights can be left on safely for extended periods without increasing the risk of burns or fire or the added strain on fans or air conditioning that are cooling an environment. LEDs are also more durable than other lights, reducing the risk of breakage and the potential for injury.

Supports Your Facility Services Sustainability Goals: Even if you are not pursuing LEED Certification, LED lights have numerous environmental benefits. LED lighting consumes significantly less power per lumen than any other lighting source. They also contribute the least amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. By using LED lights, you’ll decrease your carbon footprint from energy consumption. LED lights are mercury-free, so they are not toxic to the environment and are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce the amount of waste materials delivered to landfills

If you want to find out more about LED lights or other ways to improve the operations of your facility, contact the experts at Marsden Services. We can work with you to develop an LED lighting program that works for your facility and helps you provide a safer and brighter workplace.