Is Your Workplace Safe? 6 Keys to Workplace SecuritySecurity threats are constantly evolving and can come in many forms. And when it comes to protecting your workplace and your workers, prevention can go a long way to protecting people and your business assets. Facility managers and security directors will tell you that protecting a business facility is a multi-dimensional task. Here are six key aspects to evaluate as you develop your security plans to keep your business, employees, and customers safe.

Steps to Creating a Safe and Secure Building

Conduct a Security Audit: Every good plan starts with a thorough evaluation. Start by outlining the most common or high-security risks in your industry. For a retail operation, this may be cash, inventory protection, or entryway monitoring. For an office building or an educational setting, the top security issues may be preventing unwanted intruders or something as simple as proper perimeter lighting to avoid after-hours building damage. Walk your facility to map all entry points, including doors and windows, and identify other physical areas where safety could be an issue, such as parking lots, stairwells, or dark hallways. List and identify all physical or digital access points that are close to crucial assets you need to secure. These details will help you as you consider the most efficient methods to create a building security plan.

Secure Your Building Perimeter as a First Line of Defense: One of the most straightforward actions you can take to enhance building security is installing adequate lighting on the perimeter and in areas such as parking lots. Motion-activated external and internal lights can quickly serve as a deterrent as they will give the appearance your building is occupied. In areas that require a higher level of security, you can install cameras to support video surveillance. Modern technology allows a variety of remote guarding or monitoring solutions. Solutions can combine live security officers with artificial intelligence-powered cameras and smart technology. These remote guarding solutions can proactively prevent crime before it happens.

Photo Identification, Keys, and Key Card Access: Something as simple as photo ID employee badges can go a long way in creating a safe environment. They provide visual recognition that an individual is authorized to be on the premises. If you use physical keys, establish clear key control processes to limit the number of copies. You might also consider using biaxial keys and ensure keys have “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on them. You can achieve an even higher level of security by installing electronic key carding systems.

Entry Point Security and Armed Guards: The main entrance of your building is one of the most important areas to secure, providing defense against unauthorized access. Manning the entryway with a trained guard to greet and check-in visitors will deter disruptors and provide first-hand visualization for employee identification badges. An armed entry point security guard can provide the “Four D’s” of building security: detect, deter, document, and defend.

Integrated Security and Communication Systems: Installing security systems on doorways will help deter intruders.  Integrating the alarms with building sound systems and automated notification of security or police will help enhance response in a crisis situation. Building communication and sound systems also allow broadcast messages to the people in your facility, alerting them of risks and advising them of the proper action to take for their safety.

Background Checks and Investigations: Threats can also come from the people who are employed, work, or provide professional services in your facility. To proactively improve the security of your facilities, consider utilizing background checks and investigative services. Background checks and investigations will help to uncover and prevent unnecessary risks to the safety of others in your facility.

There are many facets to keeping your workplace safe. Experience and professional knowledge can go a long way in ensuring the safety of your workplace. Marsden draws upon 60 years of knowledge and experience within our security company, American Security and Investigations. Our team has secured some of the most demanding environments in the nation, from the streets of Las Vegas to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. We’re fully licensed and have undergone some of the most rigorous professional training available today. From armed guards to remote security monitoring, we can customize a solution to support your facility’s security needs.