Out of Sight Shouldn’t Mean Out of Mind, 4 Key Benefits of a Routine High Cleaning ProgramBig problems lurk in the high places you don’t see every day. The day-to-day operations and air circulation in your build can lead to a build-up of dust, dirt, and cobwebs in high out-of-sight places like ceilings, ductwork, or high windowsills. Addressing debris build-up in these areas requires special attention and should be part of your facility maintenance practices.  

Four Key Benefits Facility Managers Achieve with High Cleaning Programs

Improved Air Quality: Dust and debris that collects in high areas can clog ventilation or circulate particulates in your facility, negatively impacting air quality. If your air purification processes do not correctly contain the dust and particulates, then bacteria, mold, and viruses can become airborne. Airborne transmission of these contaminants negatively impacts the overall health and wellness of all people in your facility.

Improved Safety and Reduced Risk of Fire: Implementing a high cleaning program to address the accumulation of dust and debris will improve the overall safety of your facility. Dust and debris can increase the risk of fire – and the rapid spread if a fire were to start – because electrical wiring, lighting, and other common heat sources typically run closer to ceilings and higher places. Residue from chemicals or grease can also combine with the dust and debris, further exacerbating the fire hazard and the importance of instituting a proper high cleaning program.

Improved Lighting and Overall Productivity. A high cleaning program removes dirt and debris circulating in the air and coating light fixtures, improving the lighting in your facility.  Studies have shown that a facility services process that helps to improve lighting can impact productivity by enhancing performance on visual and cognitive tasks.

Improved Building Inspections: Routine building inspections will be much smoother if you have implemented a well-established cleaning program. Inspectors look diligently at the essential areas of your building that can impact the health and safety of your employees and the public. Implementing a high cleaning program will help you pass inspections by improving air quality, surface cleanliness and reducing fire risk.

After completing a high cleaning protocol, it is essential to follow up by cleaning and inspecting all hard surfaces and floors to properly remove potential contaminants that may fall from above.

High cleaning programs present unique safety challenges. They require deep professional knowledge and skill backed with proper training, equipment, and essential safety gear. Marsden Services can put nearly 70 years of on-the-job experience to work for you, providing a high cleaning program that meets all OSHA standards making your facility safer, cleaner, and healthier.