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Cleaning, disinfecting, maintenance, and specialty services

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Uniformed officers, investigations, remote guarding, and consulting

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Design and maintenance for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing equipment

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ISO 17025 standard calibration & validation

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Emergency facility services and natural disaster recovery

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Facility management for small to mid-sized campuses

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Cleaning Coalition of American (CCA)

Marsden is a Founding Member of the Cleaning Coalition of America

Marsden is proud to be one of the founding members of the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA). The CCA was formed in 2020 to represent and advocate for commercial cleaning companies and their employees. For more information about Marsden’s involvement in the CCA, click here.

Major League Baseball LEED Stadium

Major League Baseball LEED Stadium


39,504 seat MLB stadium with 2,776,354 guests

Collaborating with the client, stadium food vendors, the waste hauler, and the organic materials processor, Marsden implemented a plan of communication, education, training, and monitoring of the organic materials collection process to help divert more than 25 cubic yards of organic materials per game to be turned into compost instead of burned in the nearby energy recovery facility.

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