Kooxda hogaaminta ee Marsden waxay khibrad tobanaan sano ah u leeyihiin warshadaha qandaraaslayaasha adeegga dhismaha iyo qaybo badan oo kala duwan.

Guy Mingo, President & CEO

Guy Mingo

Guy is Marsden’s President and CEO and guides the strategy, growth, and goals of the entire Marsden enterprise. Guy began his career at Marsden in 1978 as a part-time cleaner and through his diligence was promoted into leadership positions, culminating in his promotion to CEO in 2002. During his tenure as CEO, Marsden has grown from a regional company to a national brand. Under his leadership, Marsden has grown by over 600%. Guy has also overseen 38 acquisitions and in 2011, partnered with the Woodley Family Trust to form a joint venture company.

In 2011, Guy was elected to the Twin Cities Business Hall of Fame. In 2021, Guy was recognized as one of the most admired CEO’s of the year by the St. Paul/Minneapolis Business Journal. In 2020, Guy was awarded the Walter L. Cook Award for Distinguished Service by the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). This award is given to a BSCAI member who has made outstanding contributions to the industry and furthered the programs and image of building service contractors.

Guy is a Certified Building Services Executive and a leading figure in the building services contractors industry. Guy’s contributions to the industry also include his active involvement in the formation of the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA).

Chris Hillman, Chief Operating Officer

Chris Hillman

Chris is responsible for the ongoing operations of the organization as well as executing Marsden’s strategic long-term goals. Chris has over 25 years of experience developing, transforming, and leading global product and services businesses in the industrial, medical, consumer, government, technology, and entertainment industries.

Prior to joining Marsden, Chris’ experience included setting operational strategies and executing them to achieve sustainable, profitable growth; executing aftermarket equipment business’ commercial operations, supply chain and operations strategies; and leading a number of large-scale transformations, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Throughout his career, Chris and his teams have been honored with numerous awards for leadership, product and service innovation, and operational and process excellence. He is recognized for establishing proven, scalable, best-practices and a passion for building and mentoring high-performance teams. Chris holds a B.A. in business from DePaul University and an A.A.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology from Joliet Junior College. He has also held a number of advisory and industry board positions.

Mark L. Thompson, Chief Financial Officer

Mark L. Thompson

Mark is Marsden’s Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer and has over 30 years of experience in commercial and consumer industries, specializing in financial management, strategic business planning, and financial systems technology and implementation.

Mark’s professional career includes working as a public accounting auditor before holding a variety of financial and management positions. Most recently, Mark was the CFO of a marketing group and then the CFO of an information services company.

His wealth of experience across industries enables him to bring unique insights on information analytics and solutions; advancing financial goals; driving strategies for growth; and developing metrics to monitor progress toward financial and non-financial objectives.

Mark is recognized for his ability to build high performance teams, deliver results, and create collaborative business partnerships.

He has a BA in Accounting and Organizational Communications from Concordia College and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.

Mark currently serves on the leadership board for the Concordia College School of Business.

Damon Fraser, Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

Damon Fraser

Damon is the Chief Legal & Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary for Marsden. Damon’s legal career has spanned several industries – from food service management to real estate to retail stores – giving him a wealth of understanding in diverse business operations and market drivers.

Damon’s areas of expertise include strategic planning; change management; employee engagement; safety, legal and compliance; risk mitigation and insurance; and labor and employment. Damon leverages his legal and business background to solve problems, drive growth within organizations, and ensure the long-term viability and success of each project. He also specializes in structural improvement; processes and workflows; corporate governance; internal auditing; crisis communication; technology systems; and problem resolution. 

Damon graduated from the University of Minnesota and earned his law degree at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law. He served on the board of Nova Classical Academy and an advisor to Novation Education Opportunities, a Minnesota charter school authorizer.

Tom Kruse, Chief Development Officer

Tom Kruse

Tom is responsible for Marsden’s strategy development and execution for mergers and acquisitions, sales, and customer retention. Tom has been involved in the building service contractors industry for the whole of his career. He began as a cleaner and was promoted into management and administrative roles. Tom purchased Scioto Services, an Ohio-based janitorial company, in 1999. He became a Marsden employee when he sold Scioto Services to Marsden in 2005.

Tom oversees all of Marsden’s mergers and acquisition efforts and during his tenure at Marsden, has been responsible for over 30 acquisitions. Tom specializes in identifying companies whose interests and values align with Marsden and creating mutually beneficial deals.

Tom waa Maamule Sare oo Adeeg Dhisme oo Shahaadosan iyadoo loo marayo Ururka Qandaraaslayaasha Adeegga Dhismaha ee Caalamiga ah (BSCAI). Isagu waa Guddoomiyihii hore ee Guddiga BSCAI iyo 2019, Tom waxa la guddoonsiiyey Abaalmarinta Hogaaminta Hogaaminta ee James E. Purcell ee BSCAI adeeggiisa muddada dheer ee warshadaha qandaraas bixinta adeegga iyo BSCAI. Tom wuxuu shahaadada BA ka qaatay Jaamacadda Gobolka Ohio.

Frank Flores, Chief Operating Officer - Security Division

Frank Flores

Frank Flores is President and Chief Operating Officer of American Security and Investigations. 

Frank has been in the security industry since 1993. Most recently, he worked with a regional security provider as their Chief Operating Officer, serving approximately 450 clients in the southeast with a P&L responsibility in excess of $400M and employee base of 4,500.

Prior to working in the security industry, Frank spent a number of years in logistical operations and materials management. Frank brings a vast knowledge of the security field and vertical markets.

Frank is recognized for his analytical approach to business and is known for being a strategist with a fair and ethical approach. He has active memberships with ASIS International through which he also holds the designation of CPP, International Security Association, FASCO, FALI, and other organizations.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from DePaul University and a secondary Bachelor’s degree in Theology from Faith Christian University.


Rick Schomburger

Rick waa Madaxa Hawlgelinta ee Maareynta Farsamada iyo Qalabka. Rick waxa uu keenay asal ballaadhan oo xagga dhismaha iyo la-talinta maamulka ah. Kahor inta uusan ku biirin Marsden, Rick waxa uu lahaa shirkad dhisme, taas oo diiradda saareysa guryaha dalxiiska. Doorkan, shirkadiisu waxay si guul leh u heshay qandaraasyada The Ritz Carlton, La Paloma Resort, Hilton Head Marriot, Sky Pass Marriot, iyo kuwo kale oo badan. Dhawaanahan, Rick wuxuu u shaqeeyay sidii Maareeyaha Guud ee shirkad HVAC ah oo la deggan yahay oo ku taal Magaalooyinka Twin. Intaa waxaa dheer, waayo-aragnimadiisii hore waxaa ka mid ah qabashada jagada madaxa fulinta shirkad gaar loo leeyahay oo naqshadaysay, been-abuurtay, oo rakibtay calaamado. Iyada oo tas-hiilaadka guud ahaan ND iyo MN, Rick wuxuu awooday inuu xaqiijiyo qandaraaska ugu weyn gudaha bartamaha-galbeed ee warshadahan.

Meelaha muhiimka ah ee Rick ee khibradda waxaa ka mid ah hirgelinta istaraatiijiyadeed, falanqaynta maaliyadda, tababarka shaqaalaha, xiriirka macaamiisha, horumarinta ganacsiga cusub, mashaariicda dhismaha ee ballaaran iyo kobaca dakhliga. Waxa uu BS-da Injineernimada ka qaatay Jaamacadda Duquesne, MBA-na waxa uu ka qaatay Jaamacadda Arizona.

Peter Cain, Chief Operating Officer - Western Division

Peter Cain

Peter waa madaxa hawlgelinta ee Marsden West. Wuxuu kormeeraa hawlaha Marsden oo dhan Waqooyi-galbeed ee Baasifigga, Gobolka Rocky Mountain, iyo Koonfur-galbeed. Peter waxa uu khibrad in ka badan 30 sano u leeyahay warshadaha adeegyada xarunta oo waxa uu ku jiray door hoggaamineed 20kii sano ee la soo dhaafay. Waxa uu xilal kala duwan ka soo qabtay hawlo shaqo iyo mid iibba, waayo-aragnimadiisa waaxyaha kala duwanina waxa ay siisay aqoon ballaadhan. Meelaha uu khibradda u leeyahay waxaa ka mid ah falanqaynta P&L ee cutubyo badan iyo xakamaynta kharashka; hoggaanka iibka; qorista, qorista, tababbarka, dhiirigelinta, iyo sii haynta shaqaalaha; maamulka isbeddelka; ballaarinta iyo horumarinta suuqa cusub; fikradda summadaynta iyo suuq-geynta; horumarinta iyo xiriirka ganacsi; wada xaajoodka qandaraaska; iyo maamulka xisaabaadka qaranka.

Peter waa Maamule Adeegga Dhismaha ee Shahaadaysan yahay iyo Maamulaha Adeegga Dhismaha ee ka Diwaangashan Ururka Qandaraaslayaasha Adeegga Dhismaha. Isagu sidoo kale waa Maamule Franchise shahaado ah oo loo maro Ururka Franchise Association ee Caalamiga ah iyo Xirfadlaha Adeegga Deegaanka ee Cisbitaal shahaado leh oo loo maro Ururka Cisbitaalka Mareykanka. Peter waxa uu MBA ku leeyahay Hogaaminta Istaraatiijiga ah ee Jaamacadda Masiixa.

Chip Niswonger, Chief Operating Officer - Eastern Division

Chip Niswonger

Chip is Marsden’s Chief Operating Officer for the Eastern United States, overseeing operations east of Lake Michigan and down through Florida.

Chip has been in the building service contractors industry since 1990, beginning as an account manager and moving into more senior leadership roles throughout his career.

Chip’s decades in the industry have given him a wealth of experience in developing programs for all vertical industries and understanding the specialized needs of different facility environments.

His leadership focuses on delivering value to customers while providing an engaging and collaborative workplace for staff and maintaining TRIR rates below the industry average.

Chip waxa uu shahaado cilmi-nafsiyeed ka qaatay Jaamacadda Gobolka Ohio. Chip waxaa ka go'an bulshada deegaanka, sida uu caddaynayo ka qaybqaadashadiisa iskaa wax u qabso ah ee Buckeye Ranch, Guddiga Horumarinta Dhaqaalaha ee Marysville Chamber, iyo YMCA.

Mark Dorenkott, Executive Vice President of Marsden South

Mark Dorenkott

Mark is responsible for overseeing Marsden’s operations in the southern United States, including Texas, Florida, and the Gulf Coast area. Mark brings over 19 years of professional experience in management, planning, strategy, operations, safety, customer service, employee training, cost reduction, and supplier management.

During Mark’s career, he has delivered measurable improvements to customer satisfaction, company value, strategic planning and implementation, employee training, and employee morale. Mark’s areas of specialization include planning, operations, financial management, business development, profit and loss accountability, sales support, recruitment, training, cost reduction, and supplier and vendor management. Previously Mark has managed several supply chain projects that included operational excellence and improvements, sales support, finances, and overall cost reduction. The workplace safety protocols Mark implemented markedly reduced injuries and lost workdays.

Mark’s accolades include the 2012 Shred-it Outstanding Achievement Award – Orlando, the 2008 Cintas Outstanding Achievement Award – Southeast Region, and the 1995 Ferguson Enterprises Associate of the Year Award. Mark earned his B.A. with a double major in Purchasing and Production from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.