In 2023, Marsden’s Western division launched a new first-time leadership course for selected Marsden associates in the region. We are excited to announce that the first class of graduates have completed this course. This course was designed to prepare Western Division staff for advancement within the division and within Marsden.

During the 10-week course, participants met once a week to go over a curriculum that covered communication techniques, employee engagement, customer engagement, financial training, and other topics. Each class participant was assigned a mentor from a different region within the division, and the mentors were carefully selected for their significant experience with the company and the industry. Mentors were familiar with the weekly curriculum and they were available to talk one-on-one each week to go over any questions the class attendee may have on the previous week’s course. The course curriculum was created by Peter Cain, the President of Marsden’s Western division. Peter is currently pursuing his doctorate in business administration and designed the course as his capstone project during his MBA program. The course was taught by Greg Davis, the Director of Special Services. Marsden’s Western division will be offering this course on a quarterly basis.

Congratulations to the graduates of our inaugural First Time Leaders Training Course:

  1. Judy Rios
  2. Savina Robinson
  3. Armando Garcia
  4. Daniel Saldana
  5. Deanna Monroy
  6. Karina Mejia
  7. Jose Lopez

Special “thank you” to the mentors/coaches in the first class:

  1. Augie Perales, Operations Manager, AZ
  2. Michael Blazer, Branch Manager, CA
  3. TJ Bryant, Operations Manager, OR
  4. Noe Valladares, General Manager, OR
  5. Evan Shimoishimaru, General Manager, WA
  6. Lise Watkins, Branch Manager, WA
  7. Rafael Schatz, Operations Manager, NV