Kirsten Van Hulzen, Chief Human Resources OfficerMarsden is pleased to announce the promotion of Kirsten Van Hulzen to Chief Human Resources Officer. Kirsten is responsible for the human resource strategy for the Marsden enterprise, which will include developing and executing business plans around talent management, employee engagement, organizational performance, and change management.

“We had a clear vision of the individual we wanted in this role,” said Guy Mingo, the Chief Executive Officer of Marsden Services. “But we knew we were asking a lot. We wanted someone who was strong on both the process side and the people side of the business – a strategic thinker who could develop a tactical approach while simultaneously being employee-focused and capable of driving engagement and a positive culture. Kirsten brings all of that to the table and more. She’s incredibly talented, intelligent, and fearless when it comes to taking on challenges. She has already been an amazing asset to our organization, and I know she will excel in this new role.”

Kirsten has over twenty years of human resources experience and is an expert in translating business vision into employee-focused programs that maximize performance and engagement. She is known for building, leading, and mobilizing cross-functional teams to deliver on business goals. Kirsten joined Marsden in August of 2023 as the VP of Human Resources for Marsden Central. Prior to joining Marsden, Kirsten was the senior director for Shutterfly’s human resources operations. She is a strategic and analytical HR leader with a successful history of developing business strategies and implementing new systems, technologies, process improvements, and communications programs to enhance employee experiences and productivity. She has been involved in managing initiatives to improve onboarding processes; implement HR analytics tools; simplify policies, systems, and communications; improve retention; address and resolve employee relations issues; and direct workforce planning, succession planning, skills assessments, and performance review strategies. Kirsten has an MBA from the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.

“I am thrilled and humbled by the opportunity in front of me,” said Kirsten. “It’s exciting to have such a great team around me. I’m looking forward to empowering them to drive our business forward and focusing on building up our foundation to prepare us for an exciting future ahead.”